In this section, you will find all the answers to your questions regarding your battery rental contract and associated services. If you don't find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact your NISSAN BATTERY ONLINE Customer Service Team.


A Customer Website, for what purpose?

Your Customer Website NISSAN EV BATTERY enables you to:
- Sign electronically and build up your battery rental contract online ;
- Manage your battery rental contract online;
- Contact easily our Customer Service;
- Keep informed of the available services;
- Find all the information to sell your electric vehicle.

How to access my Customer website?

You have received your ID via email and your password via SMS. You will have to enter them on NISSAN EV. BATTERY welcome page. In case of problem, please contact the Customer Service.

I failed entering my password 3 times. What can I do?

For security measure, your account is blocked after 3 entry errors . You will be able to try again after 24 hours.
If you lost your password, we invite you to reinitialize it by clicking on "Forgotten access code" on the Welcome page.

I want to modify my personal data. How should I proceed?

You can go on the section called "My profile" of your Customer Website to notify us of your new personal details. You will then receive an email to confirm that your request was taken into account.
Should you change information that is not included in this section, please contact the Customer Service (via email or phone). 

Can I modify my connection ID ?

No, this ID is compulsory to insure the security of your actions on the website. It is not possible to modify it. 


Is electronic signature a secured process?

Yes, electronic signature is a secured process, it has the same value than classic signature on paper. This solution is widely used, especially by online banks.

I do not receive the SMS that is required to sign the contract online. What should I do?

Visit the page called "My Profile" to make sure that the phone number is valid. If it is not the case, you have to modify it.
If the phone number is correct, it has to be a technical problem. Please try again later. 

I have ordered one car but I am asked to sign several contracts. What do I have to do?

Select and sign the contract that meets the specificities you have chosen with the salesman. You can contact your salesman or the Customer Service who will delete the contracts that do not meet your expectations.

I have signed up my contract and have to upload the supporting documents. How can I do it?

Visit the page called "My Dashboard" where you will find an alert for the  contract you have signed.  It will indicate that the contract is pending and waiting for the upload of supporting documents. Then, click on the button "Upload a supporting document" and follow the steps that are specified.

Which are the requested supporting documents to finalize my subscription?

The list of supporting documents will be indicated on the screen after signing the contract.

What kind of supporting documents can I upload?

You can upload documents with a size under 2 Mo and with the following file formats: .jpeg, .PDF, .bmp, ou .tiff

My supporting documents are larger than 2 Mo. What should I do?

In this case, you have to save them with a lighter file format, before uploading them again. If you encounter problems, contact the Customer Service. 

The process of electronic signature was interrupted. What can I do?

For security measure, the signature has to be done within 10 minutes after receiving the SMS. After this time period, it is necessary to start again the process of electronic signature by clicking on the button called "Sign my contract" on the page "My Dashboard" or on the page "My contracts and Services".


What are the benefits of battery rental scheme?

The two main benefits of the battery rental scheme are the following:
- Flexibility : Choose the battery rental formula that best fits to your needs. You will get tailormade advice to subscribe to a solution which will be function of your annual mileage and of the duration you need. You will be able to adapt it at any time, as your needs change.
- Peace of mind: The battery hire agreement guarantees you an always functioning battery, with a minimum charge capacity, always higher than 75% of the original capacity at delivery. You also benefit from full breakdown assistance in the event of all types of breakdown, including power loss.
In that case, you will be rapatriated until the closer charging point in the limit of 80km, 7 days a week , 24 hours a day.

What does the barrery rent cover?

The battery rent covers the provision of an always functionning battery during the term of the agreement, including a full breakdown assistance. It covers the battery use for the mileage that you chose and that is indicated in your battery rental contract;

Do I have to insure my battery?

Yes, it is essential to subscribe an insurance for your electric vehicle before its delivery. This insurance policy has to cover the battery according to the rules that are detailed in your agreement.

I use my electric vehicle more or less than expected. Can I revise my battery rental contract?

Please contact your Customer Service from the page "My Contracts and Services", by selecting your contract and by clicking on the button "Modify my contract". The Customer Service will contact you back, by email or by phone, to examine your situation.

My contract is almost finished and I do not intend to sell my vehicle. What should I do?

If the use of your electric vehicle did not changed, nothing simplier: your battery lease contract will be automatically extended, according to the initial conditions of your contracts. If it changed, you can extend your contract duration. To do so, please contact the Customer Service from the page "My Contracts and Services" by selecting your contract and by clicking on the button "Modify my contract". The Customer Service will contact you back, by email or by phone, to examine your situation.

My payment was refused by my bank, what can I do?

Please contact the Customer Service who will indicate how to proceed.


I want to sell my vehicle. How should I proceed?

On the page called "Sell my Vehicle", you can find the information that will walk you through the steps to sell your vehicle.  

Why do I have to declare the identity of the buyer before selling my vehicle?

In order to proceed to the termination of your battery rental contract, we have to finalize the subscription of your buyer before selling your vehicle. If your buyer refuses to communicate his personal data, please give him the Customer Service phone number so that we can explain him why we are requesting this information.


How can I contact the Customer Service?

In your Customer website, click on " Need help...". You will be able to state your question and request to get contacted by the Customer Service via email or phone. 


0844 4823835 

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Monday to Friday

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